So, demo-phobia – the phobia of crowds. This is one of the worst turmoils that I go through, every time I step out. People. People everywhere! Not to mention that I live in one of the most crowded areas in one of the busiest metropolitan cities of the world’s second densely populated country. North Chennai, India. Uff. I’m always in a state of alert. Crowds freak the hell outta me.

To add salt to the wound, there are these unavoidable special occasions in the family (Indian weddings- that’s a different story). I cry as eff internally, every time I dress up for them. Weddings are precisely what a person like me would have problems with. They have everything that would beat the shit out of a demo-phobic person. Loud-and-messy music, plethora-of-people, overcrowded-rooms(which means no place to nap even for a nanosecond), crowded-restrooms, kids-on-the-loose, noise-from-everywhere and what not. Sometimes in a wedding, when every one are like in the best part of their lives, I wonder why do I feel so out of place. The demo-phobic, poor me.

It’s not just parties or grandeur weddings. I’m sure as hell convinced that I should’ve been an Antarctic Eskimo or a citizen of Greenland. Somewhere, where they aren’t so many homo sapiens under the moon.

Ugh, my insecurities!