This is a post on items I wish to post in this blog, some time in the future.

I know it’s a little weird. A post on things I’d like to post, but hey, I’m so new to this and I want to keep it  running. đŸ˜€

OK so here is the list – 

  • Irom Sharmila 
  • My sister 
  • Mom and Dad
  • My unconditional love on Royal Enfields (Especially the Blue Lagoon and Chestnut)
  • Things I love dearly (like my phone and it’s case)
  • Twitter 
  • My dear manager
  • Chennai and it’s heat (warmth, rather)
  • Yoga classes ( the two times I went there)
  • Narcissism 

This is all I have had on the list, in the past two days. I will be editing this list as and when I get ideas.

It’s high time I pick one of these and start writing, instead of filling this, don’t you think?