iNautix Technologies. My first employer, my second home.

iNautix has given me a plethora of wonderful memories. At iNautix, I have laughed my heart out, shed the most painful tears and went through the worst heartbreak too. iNautix has taught me so many lessons; technical and philosophical. It is here, I learnt how CLR of .NET framework works. It is here, I came to peace with the fact that life happens in the most mysterious of ways. Of everything that I have learnt, the most beautiful and valuable lesson is that no matter what adversity or calamity, life goes on. Life doesn’t stop!

A short flashback of how I got into this lovely place..

2013 was drawing to a close. It was a beautiful October morning – the first day of campus placements. The air was filled with nervousness. The corporate world’s first call, inviting us, engineering graduates, to the large world of sophistication and corporatism. We were to meet the iNautix hiring team in our college auditorium.They arrived as expected and after a formal introduction, went on to explain the selection process. There was an aptitude cum programming test, followed by a ‘Group discussion’ and the final face-to-face interview. I’ve always been very weak in solving aptitude and I couldn’t complete all the questions on time, either. Once they started announcing the students selected for the GD round, I was whispering silent prayers to all the Gods I’ve prayed my entire life for some sort of miracle. I wanted to attend the next round. And there was the miracle. They called my name! My joy knew no bounds. None of my best friends made it though. It was a bittersweet moment. I couldn’t contain my excitement but felt sorry for my friends at the same time. I was scared and pressured beyond scope for the next round, which is a different story. We were hardly given time to prepare for the GD round and it was just apt because I just wanted it to get over soon. The HR was a very sweet gentleman and in no time, the GD was over. I got two chances to speak during the GD and wasn’t very sure if I made my impression.

To my surprise, I was selected in the second round too which meant I was going to attend the first formal interview of my life. Everyone around me was busy practicing code snippets and tell-me-about-yourself replies. I was intimidated. We were made to wait for an hour or two, which didn’t abate the pressure. I was suddenly cursing myself for my prayers earlier. I couldn’t handle the feeling. It was a huge day for me or at least that’s what I thought and I certainly didn’t want to screw up.

Finally they called my name for the interview. I went inside and took my seat. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was actually happening. The interviewer seemed very calm. He started by asking general questions, then went on to ask me about my projects and also questions like why-do-you-want-to-be-in-a-software-company-inspite-of-graduating-as-an-electronics-and-communication-engineer. He seemed convinced with all my answers. As the interview progressed, I started getting very comfortable. I could feel a weird sense of confidence building inside me. The interview went on for twenty five minutes approx. I felt really good after the interview. Those twenty-five minutes changed a lot of  my perspectives about life. I know it sounds too dramatic, but still.

The results of the interview didn’t quite come out very soon. It was nearly a month before they published the results. I almost forgot about the interview. Out of the wild, one fine evening, when I was in the first staircase of my department block, some one came running to me to tell that 3 students from my department were selected by iNautix and that I was one among them!

I was selected! I was way too happy. It seemed like a huge victory after a long time. I was on cloud nine! That’s how I got into iNautix. They offered an internship in my final semester. January, 2014 to be precise. And the rest is history. It’s been more than three years now and my iNautix days will always be the most cherished moments of my life.

Due to various unavoidable reasons, I will be bidding adieu to iNautix in another 50 days. I wish I never had to leave. My haven. My heaven. My place. My refuge. My hiding place. My alma mater in the last three years. I envy everyone at iNautix now, ’cause they get to stay here longer but I don’t. Life is so easy here. I’ve met so many lovely people who made me believe that I’m worthy of love and happiness. I learnt about taxes here. I got to speak with foreigners over the phone and developed unexplainable love for the Irish culture too. I still remember my first production incident here, when I got so nervous that I mentally told myself I will quit my job and run away the very next day. My managers have been such wonderful and encouraging people. I’m still wondering how I could’ve been so lucky to work under such awesome human beings.

All these just make things harder for me now. I’m too attached to this place. Leaving iNautix feels like packing my bags and running off to an unknown planet like Mars. No, even worse actually. It’s like I’m being sent off from Hogwarts to Azkaben. Not that my new employer is Azkaben, it’s just that iNautix is my Hogwarts. It’s just so damn hard, all this farewell thing.

As I wait for my train from work and write this post simultaneously, I wish that I get to go in a new, shiny train today, unlike the old ones that come everyday with rusty, dull compartments. Like a santa with gifts, I see my new, bright and shiny train slithering into the platform, exactly how I wished. It brought some hope.

Ok, coming back to my iNautix rants. As they say, “Life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone”, I’m looking forward to all the excitement and opportunities waiting for me. However, iNautix is my comfort zone, without any doubt. I’m earnestly hoping that my next place of employment would be a new, bright, shiny train entering my life station and I make it my next comfort zone!