It was not until a year ago my senses encountered the bullet species’ presence on the road. The Royal Enfield bikes! I’m not a bike person and I know nothing about bikes. Bikes have never been a subject of interest or fascination until I saw the beast! Oh the shiny, curvy, classy, contemporary bullet. How does it manage to entice a person like me, naive and ignorant about bikes, so much!

Every time I see someone on the road riding an Enfield, I develop an inexplicable amount of respect for them involuntarily. I tell myself that anyone riding the beast is obviously conspicuous and very much worthy of respect. Though scooty zest is the bike I own, the Enfield would always be my first bike love.

Gone are the days when the Bullets belonged only to policemen and strict uncles. It is everywhere now. The number of Enfields on road is increasing at an exponential level and it makes me so damn happy. The duppu-duppu sound, the enormous power, the grace, the shine, the comfort it gives to its master, the elegance makes it one hell of a scene to watch, when it is in action on the roads. It is available in many variants and colours, black being the most common. My personal favourites are the Blue lagoon and the Chestnut versions. I just go awww, every single time I see one of these two.

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Even the super sophisticated, high-end hulk-sized, bulky racer bikes seem ridiculously unfit to even be compared to the adorable Royal Enfields! The Enfields are a legacy handed over to us. They are to be adored and praised.

Own an Enfield? You better take care of it like it’s your girl friend. It is highly likely that it is more awesome than her!

P.S: I love you, Royal Enfield! Salute your awesomeness!