I’m no movie freak and I don’t go around watching movies like a critic either. I usually watch a movie only to lose myself and get so involved in it that I completely forget everything  else in those 120 minutes of bliss.

This post is about the before and after math of watching the latest Maniratnam movie – Kaatru Veliyidai (Tamil). 

The impact that the first look of the movie had on me, is beyond words. The one-minute versions of the songs that were released, prior to the release of the movie, upped the expectations to an unexplainable extent. The portrayal of the white snow-clad Kargil spots, the vibrant colors, the soul-stirring music, the heart-melting romance, the army-boys in their uniforms, the fighter aircrafts, Karthi as the smart officer VC, the elegant Dr.Leela, the  dialogues between Dr.Leela and officer VC just absolutely blew my mind. I wanted to engross myself in the magic and I was eagerly waiting like crazy, for the movie to come out. It was a really long time since I got so desperate to watch something that bad. 

After all the anticipation and hype, I finally got to watch the movie. I was preparing to get awestruck and lose myself to witness the magic unravel in front of my eyes.

What happened otherwise, was just the counter-of-everything-I-just-said. The film, I felt, wasn’t in any way of what was promised, except for the astounding visuals and music. As the film started rolling, I could feel myself shredding all the positive vibes within me. The love between those two made me sad. It wasn’t love actually. It was the justified abuse of an innocent female in the name of love. A man who claims that he can’t live without his girl friend, isn’t ready to treat her with even the basic dignity she deserves. He controls her and doesn’t respect neither her emotions nor her presence. He’s loud with her, embarrasses her in front of his fellow aircraft pilots, isn’t ready to own up and leaves her alone when she tells him she’s pregnant and even abuses her in front of her parents. Every time he lets her down or loses his cool, he utters a simple sorry expecting her to run back to him. Excuse me, how can such intense emotional abuse be portrayed and classified as love? Is this even a relationship thing? Where do you get the idea that an apology would just make everything fine? The worst part is that she does get back with him, every single time she’s made fool of. This is not what I wanted to watch. I got cross with myself for having been misled by the teasers and songs. It was nothing as what was promised. I couldn’t find any magic. There was no major element of feel-goodness at all. Sadly, the hero Karthi didn’t quite fit the role of VC. Why did they make that beautiful female weep all the time? She deserved more than that.

Apart from the storyline, though, everything else made an impression.  Music and the visuals were the major elements that made up for the  hell the story dragged me through.The climax, fortunately, was a little soothing. However I try to convince myself, I still can’t get over the fact that the girl was treated in such a shitty way. Maniratnam should’ve done more justice to the love, after having promised us a good story with so much hype and all. It might sound a little exaggerated but I felt betrayed after watching the movie. Frankly, Kaatru Veliyidai was a frustration. 

All that glitters isn’t gold, they say. How true. 

P.S: This isn’t even close to a movie review. If you liked the movie, good for you.