Spoiler alert: This post could seem narcissistic. 

My cousin has always been one of the inspirations to write a blog. Her blog has a ’50 things about me’ post, where she beautifully enlists 50 wonderful things that she could come up about her and things around her. So here I am, inspired by that and trying something similar.

So, here goes my list:

  1. I have 14 brothers, 7 big ones and 7 younger ones ( all cousins, of course).
  2. I have almost 27 nail shades stacked up from the last 6 months and I’m really proud. (Haven’t tried half of them yet).
  3. Every time somebody asks me what my name means, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s a kind of rice. (Strange)
  4. I haven’t been to any metropolitan city, other than Chennai, in my entire life. 
  5. I have been in a share auto that carried 10 passengers. (Hard times)
  6. I have been with my sister for almost 5000 days now. (Whoa!)
  7. I haven’t cooked more than three or four times, in my entire life. (Surely not proud)
  8. My sister has made my life way way better. (Ms.Drama, don’t become all proud now)
  9. I have worn jean only once, in my entire life.(Hmm..)
  10. I have never been put on an IV line. Yeah, I’ve been a healthy kid all the while. (Proud of all the greens shoved down my throat all these years.)
  11. I’m highly allergic to cats, crowds, travel, late-night-phone-calls, cricket and marriage.
  12. I feel uncomfortable in a local train, unless I’m in the ladies compartment.
  13. I get intimidated by guys who drink. Ironically, I’m ok with the smell of petrol and cigarettes.
  14. I hate change and I get attached way too easily. (Not proud)
  15. I hate the pep+ and streak versions of TVS Scooty. Hate ’em hate ’em hate ’em!
  16. I’ve cried for weeks together because I didn’t make it to one of the burden-vending schools in my 11th grade. Missed by 5 marks. (Sounds stupid, I know)
  17. I love doing grocery shopping with my mom. 
  18. I hate ice creams of all types. (Sometimes I can’t even stand watching ppl eat it)
  19. I hate the idea of food – the very idea that one needs to eat, to survive. How dumb.
  20. I have this weird habit of getting into uncontrollable giggles when something very bad happens around me. (Shame)
  21. I never put on makeup. They have a dangerously ugly effect on me. (Yucky yuck)
  22. I love the summers more than monsoons. (Chennai da)
  23. I’m very choosy when it comes to liking chocolates.
  24. I’m usually intolerant to any one who tries to tag along with someone close to me. (Others call it possessiveness)
  25. Horoscopes interest me.
  26. I watch YouTube more than TV. (Don’t think I discover new stuff, I just watch the same videos again and again)
  27. I love people who make efforts to strike a conversation.
  28. I love Ireland and the Irish culture. (So damn much)
  29. A messy room freaks the hell out of me. For me to be at ease, the place has to be tidy.
  30. I don’t usually continue doing things with the same enthusiasm with which I start them. Why else would I have so many unfinished online courses?

That’s enough for now. I’m starting to get a little shy writing down things about myself.