The Butler's stories

An Enigma.


Spoiler alert: This post could seem narcissistic.  My cousin has always been one of the inspirations to write a blog. Her blog has a '50 things about me' post, where she beautifully enlists 50 wonderful things that she could come... Continue Reading →


Kaatru Veliyidai, a hoax.

I'm no movie freak and I don't go around watching movies like a critic either. I usually watch a movie only to lose myself and get so involved in it that I completely forget everything  else in those 120 minutes... Continue Reading →

My Singara Chennai.

This ramble is about my sweet and awesome Metropolitan hometown, Chennai, which is often portrayed only as a hot, dry city somewhere in the south filled with Madrasis, churning out Rajnikanth movies. Actually, in addition to all these, there's more... Continue Reading →

Oh, how I love the Bullets!

It was not until a year ago my senses encountered the bullet species' presence on the road. The Royal Enfield bikes! I'm not a bike person and I know nothing about bikes. Bikes have never been a subject of interest... Continue Reading →


iNautix Technologies. My first employer, my second home. iNautix has given me a plethora of wonderful memories. At iNautix, I have laughed my heart out, shed the most painful tears and went through the worst heartbreak too. iNautix has taught... Continue Reading →

Stories I’d like to write about..

This is a post on items I wish to post in this blog, some time in the future. I know it's a little weird. A post on things I'd like to post, but hey, I'm so new to this and... Continue Reading →

Secret of demo-phobia

So, demo-phobia - the phobia of crowds. This is one of the worst turmoils that I go through, every time I step out. People. People everywhere! Not to mention that I live in one of the most crowded areas in... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hello there! Well, this is my first blog and here goes my first 'hello world' post! A huge wave of hi to all the lovely people out there!! Hoping to pen down a lot in the upcoming days!! Signing off,... Continue Reading →

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